About the Blog……

I was an early blogging adopter; the concept was introduced to me in 2004 while I was at Wharton.

I commenced in 2004 and posted materials with some regularity. A number of the articles were published in the Business Edge in 2004 and 2005. The names and some of the data in the articles are clearly out of date but the concepts and notions are still relevant today… Accordingly, I have included some of these articles as part of the archive materials for each of the topics… Enjoy…terry

(Since January 2004)

Mission Statement

The blog’s mission statement: Effecting Strategy in an Untamed World of Global Risk was provided to me graciously by one of my former MBA grad students …  Eamon  Hoey, a very talented strategist. While the topics are wide ranging and reflect my general interest in life, the core focus of the blog will be examining emerging trends that will shape our strategies in this new industrial age.

During the past 20 years at Royal Roads, I have created volumes of materials that I believe will be lost on my retirement. The materials include a range of video topics, interviews, about 70 publications, three books, one CD, Sun Tzu quotes and reflections, case studies, templates for crafting strategic, business, and marketing plans, papers on emerging trends, and a variety of strategic thinking concepts and notions that over the years resonated with my students.

I have catalogued and migrated these materials to the blog. I will continue to add strategic and international emerging issues daily. I trust you will find some small value in the blog.
On a personal level, this site will enable me, on retirement, to maintain an active blog presence where I can exchange views with bright minds on a range of emerging issues that are likely to impact crafting and implementing strategy. This is important to me.

The site is ‘festooned with berries’ for those who have the time and interest to explore strategic and emerging international issues.

“Professor Terrance Power (Wharton Fellow), O.St.J., S.S.M.,CD, BA, LL.B., MPA, MBA, DBA. Dr. Power is a professor of strategic and international studies at Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada. He previously held appointments with a number of leading national and international universities. Professor Power is a Wharton Fellow in the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

In 2008 Power joined the Oxford Round Table. He is also a published columnist and writer whose most recent texts include International Business: A Canadian Perspective; A Strategist’s Perspective: A Primer for Global Entrepreneurs; Power’s Student Case Study Analysis and Writers’ Handbook; and Canada’s Arctic Sovereignty: Under Attack.

Power sits on a number of national advisory boards and councils including the Knowledge Management Institute of Canada (KMIC); The Academic Board of the Institute of Strategic and International Studies; and the Comprehensive Security Studies Group (CSSG).

He frequently undertakes consulting assignments for the public and private sectors and has been the keynote speaker at several national conferences. As a columnist, Power is a regular contributor to a number of business publications and is frequently identified as an authoritative media source.

In 2010 Power was selected by the Globe and Mail, Report on Business (Oct 2010) as ‘The Professor to Stalk’. Dr. Power is an ex Infantry officer who enjoys the works of Tom Clancy, espouses the teachings of Sun Tzu, and is a devoted father to Victoria, Stephanie and Jennifer and grandfather to his grandson, Matthew ‘TJ’ Power, and granddaughter Meaghan Anne McCluskey Power. Dr. Power resides in Langford, BC with his wife Pauline and their 5 year old Sean Taylor Power.