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Global Food Crisis Moves Towards a Tipping Point


Incrementally, a global food crisis moves towards a tipping point on such a scale that few now living have ever witnessed.

The World’s Economic Forum Panel discussions reviewed a wide array of emerging financial issues to include rising interest rates, inflation, the strength of the US dollar, the weakness of the Russian ruble, the economic slowdown in China, and the never ending clear and present danger presented by climate change—all issues that present threats for some and opportunities for others.

IMF’s Managing Director, Ms. Georgieva, noted that the current IMF economic growth forecast for 2022 of 3.6% was a long way from a global recession.  Concerns over global financial crisis grow at World Economic Forum meeting in Davos – National | Globalnews.ca

Georgieva noted that in the near-term global food costs will be the biggest global challenge.

The surging food prices can be explained in part by the Russian Ukraine war.

The Roman philosopher Cicero’s sword of Damocles hangs over the Middle East, Asia, and especially countries in Africa, with little defence when it falls, and fall it will. Millions of souls in those nations rely upon the affordability and access to wheat, barley and sunflower oil, without which they will die.

It is a man-made problem!

These food exports have been deliberately blockaded by the Russian Navy as part of President Putin’s grand “scorched earth” strategy to destroy the Ukrainian infrastructure and the global supply chain for these foods.

There is little choice faced with this catastrophic threat—the supply chain must be opened—Europe and the American countries must step in and physically run Putin’s blockade to enable these foods to be delivered. Procrastination is not an option—millions of people will die.

To further complicate the matter, it is reported that Russia is exacerbating the problem by hoarding its own food exports in order to increase global prices and increasingly swapping wheat for political support.

So, expect American and Allies naval assets to be soon seen in the Black Sea… or will we be witnessing “the four horsemen….”



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