Tuesday, April 11, 2023

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Every month I will review the news for the month. Strategists must scan the ecosystem and identify the earliest opportunity trends/threats that are likely to impact their nation, community, family, and organizations. Strategists must exploit the opportunity or remedy the damage these events will present.

Readers are encouraged to post their comments for exchange of views.

There are 68 video sessions archived (approximate half an hour each) made for the MBA graduate classes. They contain some thoughts regarding the news of the day as well as some strategic reflection concepts. We will be selecting 1-3 minutes strategic comments that were discussed and posted here over the next few months. They will be the “pearlers” from the videos. Hope you find some value in them.

What’s In The News Videos

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Terrance Power is a Wharton Fellow and professor of strategic and international studies with the Faculty of Management at Royal Roads University in Victoria. This article was published in the Business Edge. Power can be reached at tpower@ancoragepublications.ca



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