Sunday, May 21, 2023

Watch Real Time Cyber Attacks-Ransomware

We have discussed the transformational shift from the traditional three domains of war Land, Sea and Air to six domains war … Space, Economic and Cyber. All domains are active.

I thought you might be interested in viewing real time cyber-attacks.  Increasingly in business Ransomware is a growing concern. Certainly during the last election much was written and discussed in America regarding the Russians hacking / interfering in the Presidential election.

The reality is — all nations to some degree are hacking. They are prodding. Seeking out weaknesses to prepare if the Cold War was to turns hot.

One of my favourite sites shows real-time hacking to include as the ISP numbers identifying where the hacking originates.

Indeed the other day I was using Google Analytics monitoring my blog real time.  I was able to trace back folks viewing the blog to their organization and ISP number. Amazing.

I thought you might enjoy looking at a few sites—fascinating.

View  Norse Hacking Attack Map Real Time Worlwide Hack Attack – Bing video

Thank you to Norse for providing real-time visibility into global cyber-attacks (Norse (

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Terrance Power
Terrance Power is a Wharton Fellow and professor of strategic and international studies with the Faculty of Management at Royal Roads University in Victoria. This article was published in the Business Edge. Power can be reached at


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