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Dr. Hope Sanderson, BA, MBA, PhD/DMgmt

Dr. Sanderson has a consulting practice working across many sectors and with parties whose interests can be complimentary or conflictual.

She has spent close to 30 years working in the energy sector.  Much of her career has seen her building stakeholder & Indigenous relationships, economic development, and in government advocacy on many different types of energy projects, from oil sands to pipeline mega-projects, offshore, LNG, renewables, shale gas and more.

Dr. Hope has extensive background in Indigenous consultation and in conducting traditional land use studies which produce intellectual property for the Indigenous community, which have also served as regulatory filings. 

Dr. Sanderson is Metis, and is actively engaged in the Metis community and has a passion for helping organizations incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion as part of their strategic advantage, through her consulting practice Convergence International Consulting Group Inc.

Hope is also an educator. Currently a part time Associate Professor at Royal Roads.

Convergence International Consulting Group Inc.

Arvind Boparai, MBA

Arvind Boparai is passionate about life-long learning. She recently graduated from the Executive MBA program at Royal Roads University, after more than 20 years of experience in accounting.  She now works as the Financial Controller for a Lower Mainland company. She is married with two children. To continue her education, she is now enrolled in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College and looks forward to applying those learnings in her personal and professional life. 

Karan Wadhwani

Karan Wadhwani Public Engagement Analyst – Public engagement strategy and development of Citizen Engagement, Digital Experience Division, Ministry of Citizens Services. Director of Data Analytics/ Strategic Advisor of the Institute of Public Administration Canada and Recipient of the Royal Roads University- Entrepreneurship and Leadership Award.

Instagram: kwadhwan

Catherine Evans

I can’t believe I have been at the helm of Tours of Exploration for 30 years now. I was always traveling and after one fifteen month journey through Asia and the South Pacific I decided to combine my interest in wildlife (zoology degree from the University of Toronto) and culture (minor in Anthropology) with entrepreneurship. My goal was to enrich the lives of others in a way that my own experiences had enriched my life. This is both in travelers and the communities visited.Over the decades, my journeys have taken me to five continents in roles ranging from tour escort, conference presenter, family holidaymaker and independent explorer. While there have been many challenges to navigate as a tour operator, the ever-changing nature of the industry is exciting and rewarding. 

I have worked on destination development projects in Costa Rica, Guyana, Colombia, Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago, Peru, Honduras, and Greenland as well as British Columbia. Her consulting work has included developing plans to establish a Sunshine Coast destination-marketing organization, creating an arts retreat, contributing to whale research and working with the World Wildlife Fund and other Nature non-profit organizations. With an Instructors diploma, a MA in Tourism Management and nearly twenty years in the classroom, I enjoy mentoring the next generation of travel professionals as Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University where I teach Masters degree and Undergraduate students in Entrepreneurship, Strategic Tourism Marketing and Transforming Destinations. 

Contact Info

Catherine Evans
Associate Faculty
Royal Roads University
tel: 1-800-690-7887




Captain Patrick Rippon

Captain Patrick Rippon is an Infantry Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserve, currently serving with the Canadian Scottish Regiment. Over the past decade, he has been involved in several domestic and international operations in Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. He is a fourth-generation Canadian soldier.

Like most reservists, Patrick balances his military service with another civilian profession. In his civilian life, he practices law in Victoria BC. Patrick received his BA from the University of Alberta in 2013 and his JD from the University of Victoria in 2018. He and his partner Janet welcomed their first child, Luca, in December 2021.


Instagram: @patrickrippon